Belgian Trade Musket, 1820-1860s

Amazingly, this lock is from an original trade musket that was found in a cave in northern New Mexico.  The original cock was broken and the gun had been fired very little.  The light rust was carefully cleaned off to reveal a lock in very fine condition.  A cock was located from the exact lock which actually fit the tumbler perfectly.  It is very rare to find one of these locks in such fine condition and the castings reflect that trait. 

Plate is 6" X 1", Throw of the cock is 1 5/8"

Cock supplied by William Basco


BelgiantradeSET, complete set - $120.00

BelgiantradePL, lock plate - $22.50

BelgiantradeC, cock - $17.50

BelgiantradeTJ, top jaw - $10.00

BelgiantradeJS, jaw screw - as cast, unthreaded $8, threaded $20.00

BelgiantradeF, frizzen - $17.50

BelgiantradeFS, frizzen spring - $17.50

BelgiantradeMS, main spring - $17.50

BelgiantradeT, tumbler - $12.00

BelgiantradeB, bridle - $12.00

BelgiantradeS, sear - $12.00

BelgiantradeSP, sear spring - $10.00


For reconversion purposes:

BelgiantradeP, (when available) pan section - $12.00


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