Double set trigger by A. Lamb, North Carolina

Stylish double set triggers by A. Lamb.  Single lever, must be set to fire.  This set was mounted on the rifle and held in by the trigger guard.  I added a little length to the rear of the plate that allows a small amount of room for a small wood screw.

LambtriggerSET, full set of parts -

LambtriggerP, plate -

LambtriggerFT, front trigger -

LambtriggerRT, rear trigger -

LambtriggerMS, main spring -

LambtriggerFS, front spring -

LambtriggerMSS, mainspring screw -



American made single set trigger

Roller type single set trigger with nicely done border engraving.

singlesetSET, set of parts -

singlesetP, plate -

singlesetT, trigger -

singlesetSP, spring w/o roller -

singlesetR, roller -


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